Ducks and Whales…

Ok, so there are no whales.  :(  (explanation to follow)

We had a snow day here in GA on Monday.  So, I decided to make some cookies with Nature Boy.  I let him decide which shapes/characters we would make.  It should come as no surprise to everyone that he decided we should do whales and ducks!

I was excited too.  My whale cookie cutter is so cute and I was already imagining the design.  So…we made the dough, rolled it out, and cut to our hearts content.  Well, the cute whale cookie cutter turned out to be a disastrous cookie.  Blerg, blerg, blerg!  The cute water stream from its head and the sweet curled tail were too flimsy.  They either broke before I could get them to the sheet pan or before I could get them to the cooling rack. 

But our ducks turned out cute!

Nature Boy really wanted to help decorate cookies.  But because I really wanted to practice my piping skills, I decorated them while he was sleeping.

In true fashion, Nature Boy was disappointed when he saw the cookies.  He said they were supposed to have green heads and brown bodies like “mallards, Mommy!”  We didn’t discuss the theme before I decorated them.  I had rubber ducks in mind…he didn’t.  My BAD! Ha!  I’ll know better next time.  Although, I’m afraid my mallards might just look mal…MUY MAL!

Until next time lovely reader(s)!

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Yes, it’s TRUE…

I am now obsessed with cookie decorating!  Here are my latest creations for friends.  They were supposed to be Christmas cookies.  But, the husband, Nature Boy, Blondie-Boo and I all got bronchitis.  So, they got early Valentine’s cookies.  I’m not happy with the red roses.  The red was supposed to be bright yet muted, but it came out an ugly brownish barn red.  But considering this was only my second attempt at decorated cookies, I’m not too disappointed.

Did I also mention that I am now obsessed with these cookie decorating blogs:

Bake at 350

The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle


Hey Bridget, Callye, and Marian!  I can’t currently live through the day until I check out your blogs!  Luv ya…


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Can I get a Holla!

Ok, I know, I know…I’ve been absent for quite a while. 

My excuses are:

1.  I’ve been out of town quite a bit.

2.  Home Dec, sewing, and cooking projects have taken a front seat.

3.  And, a very important large holiday just past and we have another one coming up!

Want to see my recent projects?  Ok, well, here they are!

#1  My dining room chairs went from this:

To this:

#2  I made matching Christmas outfits for the boys.

AND with the help of a wonderful blogger named Bridget from and the University of Cookie, I made these!

Sorry folks, I’m keeping this post short.  I need to finish stuff before family comes and the holiday frenzy continues!  Until next time…

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Bad News/Good News/Bad News

Well, true to form, I always want to hear the bad news before I hear the good news.  I always think the good news will offset the bad news and lift my spirits a bit.

Bad News:  My barely 4 year old range broke last week right as I was baking Nature Boy’s birthday cake.  (In case you don’t know, Nature Boy is my oldest son who just turned 4.)

Eek, not good!  But, we decided to get a substitute from the grocery store bakery and Nature Boy never knew the difference.  Although his disappointed, sad, cake snob Mommy did…

So, Good News:  The parts were ordered and the appliance company came to fix it today!  Yippee!  Right? RIGHT?

Well, not so much… :( !     ?%&@!

After a short time of fiddling…

and lots of beeping…

followed by lots of talking on the cell phone…

Appliance Man (or so I will call him) tells me the new clock and temperature probe that he just replaced has fried instantly!  Um, WHAT!?!

Yep, that’s what he told me and Mama IS NOT HAPPY!

Apparently there was a recall that I missed because I never registered the range because I had just given birth to Nature Boy when it was purchased and installed after a major house reno that we started 8 weeks before I was due with said baby who decided to arrive 3, count them, THREE weeks early!!! I wonder why I never registered that thing…Hmmm?

(I am apologizing profusely to all of my previous English teachers for that run-on sentence. I’m sorry.  I’m sorry.  I’m sorry.)

Good News:  We will not have to pay for any parts!

Bad News:  They will not arrive until tomorrow evening.  And they won’t be able to be installed until Wednesday afternoon. :( :( :(

Here sits my broken range.  I think it is feeling neglected and lonely…

And…I think I REALLY need to purchase a tripod…because THIS:

Just isn’t workin’! Ha!

Later Gator


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Hello world!…Now let’s talk coffee!

It’s official…I am starting this lovely blog.

Let me introduce myself…

My name is Cheryl.  I am a stay at home wife and mother living in the Peach State of Georgia.  I have two wonderfully fun and entertaining boys.  I also have a wonderful husband who supports all of my crazy and not so crazy ideas including this blog.  This blog will be filled with lots of mundane yet fun topics and events that take place in our little world:  cooking, sewing, home decorating, and morning lessons from the Nature Boy.  The Nature Boy is not Ric Flair guys!  Does that show my age?  Or…my Dad’s age? The Nature Boy happens to be my 4 year old who is obsessed with Kaufman bird books, fish, turtles, snails, the GA Aquarium, penguins, polar bears, leaves, aligators, did I say Kaufman bird books… the list goes on and on.  I hope you enjoy!

Now that I’ve introduced myself, let’s talk coffee! 

Coffee… along with chocolate and almond butter (not peanut butter…well that’s a story for another day), is my BEST FRIEND!

I cannot live without coffee!  Don’t talk to me in the morning until I’ve had at least a few sips, because the sleepy, groggy, and yes! very grumpy troll that I am in the morning might just decapitate you!  Hence the name of my blog…Ha!

Now the question is…am I a coffee snob?

Although I love a good cappuccino, cafe mocha, and mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte… the answer is a resounding NO!  My daily fare happens to usually (95% of the time) be…

Drum Roll PLEEZE…Maxwell House Lite! ;)

Until we meet again!


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